Outlook Data Recovery

6 Quick Steps to Diagnose and Fix a Malfunctioning SD Card

If you fail to access your SD card data on your computer, it is likely that your SD card is malfunctioning. This article will look at this issue and teach you how to diagnose and fix it in 6 steps. According to my previous post – “7 Most Common Causes of SD Card Corruption”, you can learn that SD card is vulnerable to various factors, like manufacturing defects, file system corruption, bad sectors and improper handling, etc. Therefore, if you have a SD card, you should regularly back...

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How to Auto Classify and Archive Your Emails by Month with Outlook VBA

Some users prefer to classify the received emails by the month of the received time. This article will tell you how to let Outlook auto classify and archive all your emails with VBA. In order to make your mailbox orderly, you will use various methods, including color categorizing, filing emails on basis of their received time and so on. Without any doubts, managing emails by saving them in different and specific mail folders is a good idea. For instance, as shown in the following screenshot,...

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How to Auto Send a Recurring Email Periodically with Outlook VBA

Do you want to send a recurring email at fixed interval, such as every Tuesday? This article will look at this issue and teach you how to achieve it by using a recurring task and Outlook VBA. Perhaps you have known how to schedule sending a recurring email in that Outlook has a native support for deferring delivery. But this feature can simply allow you to specify a time for sending an email. It cannot permit you to let Outlook auto send the recurring email periodically, for instance, the...

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