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2 Quick Tips to Auto Mark Specific Incoming Meetings as Private in Outlook

So as to protect your privacy, you may always need to mark some specific meetings as private. This article will introduce you 2 quick means to automatically mark the specific ones as private. My previous article “2 Quick Tips to Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private” has taught you 2 means to mark several appointments as private in one go. But both of them cannot help you to auto mark specific incoming meetings as private. When it comes to automation, perhaps you will think of...

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How to Auto Archive Declined Meetings to a Specific Calendar with Outlook VBA

Outlook will auto remove the meeting which you decline from your calendar. If you want to still save it, you can use the method introduced in this article. By default, in Outlook, when you receive a meeting invitation, this meeting will be added to your calendar. However, as long as you select to decline it, Outlook will automatically delete it from the calendar at once. But sometimes actually you still desire to save it in another calendar, like a specific calendar named “Declined”. In...

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8 Strange Things Indicating a USB Flash Drive Is Virus Infected

It is a quite annoying matter that a USB flash drive is virus infected. In this article, we will expose 8 most common phenomena indicating an infected USB flash drive. Due to its portability and auto run capacity, USB flash drive can easily get infected by virus. You must have known the harm which virus can lead to. At best, the files on an infected drive will only get hidden. At worst, all files will become corrupt and even lost permanently. Hence, so as to avert such data loss, you had...

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