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9 Useful Tips to Ensure Your Wireless Security

With the rapid development of Wi-Fi-enabled technology and wireless network, wireless security also becomes a hot topic. To protect the data and strengthen the wireless security, here are top 10 tips for you. You must see and use wireless network all around. For instance, when you are at home or go to other place like restaurant, hotel, book store, you can connect to WIFI all the time. It’s so convenient for you to transfer data or surf the internet. But at the same time, potential threats...

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2 Methods to Create a Contact Group from a List of Contacts in an Excel File

If you would like to create an Outlook contact group from the list of contacts in an Excel file, you can use the 2 methods introduced in this article. Some users are seeking a way to quickly create an Outlook contact group from an Excel file which contains a list of contacts. Of course, you can create such contact group manually. However, it is a bit troublesome. Hence, apart from the manual means, here we’ll additionally introduce another quick method which uses VBA. Method 1: Create...

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How to Quickly Remove a Specific Contact from All Contact Groups via Outlook VBA

Sometimes, you may want to delete a specific contact from all the contact groups in your Outlook. In this case, searching and deleting one by one is quite cumbersome. So this article will teach you how to quickly accomplish it using VBA. For some reasons, such as one colleague has resigned from your company, you’ll need to remove him from all the contact groups in your Outlook. Otherwise, next time when you send an email to the contact group, he will be likely to receive the email too. It...

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