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How to Quickly Remove a Specific Contact from All Contact Groups via Outlook VBA

Sometimes, you may want to delete a specific contact from all the contact groups in your Outlook. In this case, searching and deleting one by one is quite cumbersome. So this article will teach you how to quickly accomplish it using VBA. For some reasons, such as one colleague has resigned from your company, you’ll need to remove him from all the contact groups in your Outlook. Otherwise, next time when you send an email to the contact group, he will be likely to receive the email too. It...

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6 Myths of Wireless Security You Must Abandon

In this connected world, we connect to the internet all the time using various ways including wireless. And when it comes to wireless security, there is a lot of controversy. Today we will talk about 7 wireless security myths you should abandon. Wireless is a convenient mean that allows multiple devices connect to the internet at the same time. Thus it is universally utilized by no matter individuals or businesses. However, the security of wireless is always a hot topic. And there are also...

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How to Quickly Count Incoming Emails by Date, Month or Year via Outlook VBA

If you would like to count the number of incoming emails on a specific date, or in a specific month or year, you can use the quick means introduced in this article. It will teach you how to use VBA to get it in a flash. When it comes to counting how many emails received in specific date or periods, many are accustomed to using Outlook search folder, which permits us to gather all the emails incoming in the specific date or date range in a single search folder. Then we can use the “show...

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