Exchange OST File Recovery

Overcoming OST Synchronization Problems

When users use Outlook with the offline folders feature, they face synchronization problems from time to time. Very often, this is easily resolved by manually carrying out synchronization but at times, it does involve having to deal with a damaged OST file. We will look at how to solve various OST synchronization problems. Most users are aware that when they use Microsoft Outlook with the offline folders feature enabled, it allows them to work with greater flexibility. The data from the main...

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How OST files Can Help in Successful Exchange Data Recovery

If an offline folder file or OST file becomes damaged or corrupt, you could hope to recover all the data by creating a new OST file from the original mailbox stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server. Recovering data from an OST file, if an Exchange server becomes corrupted, on the other hand, is fairly challenging. We will look at how one can simplify this process, especially by using third-party tools. Most Outlook users with email accounts on a Microsoft Exchange Server believe that the...

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How Creating a New OST File Can Resolve Synchronization Issues

While working with offline folder files or OST files, you occasionally face synchronization problems that can only be resolved by creating a new OST file. However, one has to be careful that no data is lost in the process or that one does not end up damaging the information in the Exchange Server mailbox. Our article looks at how to create a new OST file so as to resolve synchronization issues. If you have been using the offline folder feature in Outlook, you would have found it to be a very...

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