SQL Server Database Recovery

Top Considerations for Backup and Restore Strategies in SQL server

The goal of SQL server backup creation is to enable a user to recover his/her database in case it is damaged. It’s part of the SQL recovery process. This post gives an overview of underlying strategies and most important things to consider while creating them. Overview of Backup and Restore in SQL Server Backing-up and restoring data in SQL database has to be customized to a particular environment. It also has to work with the resources available. An intelligently designed strategy will...

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Understanding the benefits of Cloud solutions integrated for SQL Server database

With cloud storage solutions making a big headway in the enterprise space, we look at how they can add value to a SQL Server implementation Most of relational database management software store large amounts of data and hence come with their own cloud storage platform. It is the same for SQL Server as well; the Azure cloud by Microsoft is designed only for SQL users. Cloud storage refers to bulk storage available for free; it involves a collection of servers and computers which are used for...

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SQL Server 2016 and Big Data – Learn How they play well together

In this article we explore the exciting concept of Big Data and SQL Server working in tandem While in a layman’s term it can be defined as nomenclature for lots of data, but in definition, Big Data refers to extremely large and complex data sets which cannot be managed and processed with the help of conventional data management tools. It is heterogeneous data generated at high speed, requiring new tools, applications and frameworks for its processing and managing. An example of Big Data is...

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