Database Recovery

Optimizing your Windows Server while working on SQL Server Database

In this article we look at some of the customizations you need to make on the Windows Server while running a SQL Server instance on it. Working on SQL Server Database on a system that is already installed with a default Windows Server implementation can be a tricky thing. Without proper planning, some processes and settings of Windows server can conflict with your SQL Server implementation. So, check out some easy ways to optimize your Windows Server while working on an SQL Server...

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Learn the Key Advantages of the Stretch Database Feature in SQL Server 2016

In this article, we give a quick lowdown on the benefits of the stretch database feature present in SQL Server 2016 Now, that the much awaited SQL Server 2016 has finally launched people are excited to try out its new and advanced features that are incorporated to make it more productive professionally. One such amazing feature to look forward in this latest SQL update is the Stretch Database Feature. The biggest benefit of using this unique feature is that it solves an array of...

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Key Mistakes that a SQL Server DBA must look to avoid

In this article we look into some of key mistakes that a DBA must look to avoid while working on SQL Server Whether you agree or not but a database administrator or DBA has to face a lot of problems while working on an SQL server. A DBA not only has to find but also fix the problems cropping up in such servers, so it is very important to know some common mistakes that should be avoided at all cost for a smoother functioning of the database. In fact, just a small carelessness on part of the...

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