Database Recovery

Key Reasons Why Ms SQL Server tops MySQL any day

In this article we look at why Ms SQL Server is a better choice than the open source MySQL for many companies. MS SQL and MySQL are two different database solutions, with very distinctive origins. While the MS SQL server is a proprietary solution from Microsoft, the MySQL database is an open source solution which has found quite a fan following amongst web developers. However from a pure play enterprise database solution, the Ms SQL Server application is considered way superior to MySQL....

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A quick overview of how SQL Server has evolved over the years

In this article we look at how the Ms SQL Server database solution has evolved the years Microsoft launched its version of SQL server in 1989 as Sybase SQL server by collaborating with Sybase and Ashton -Tate; it was a variant of the older Sybase SQL server for IBM. With its own version of SQL server Microsoft forayed into enterprise- level database market, with rivals like Oracle, IBM and Sybase. Starting from 1989 till now, Microsoft has launched a dozen editions of the SQL server with SQL...

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Top 5 Backup Practises to Follow While using Ms SQL Server

In this article we explore five distinct best practices for backing up data from an Ms SQL Server application. Regular backups of your SQL Server database are extremely essential for assuring the security of data. It is recommended that before compiling small databases one must assure that they are supported by large back up files. This prevents loss of data. It also makes recovery of data possible, in case of any technical failure or hardware malfunction. Many Business firms create Back...

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