Database Recovery

3 Top Challenges You May Face during SQL Server Backup Process

In this article we explore key challenges and questions that are likely to arise during a SQL Server Backup Process Back up process in SQL Server is more than just a set of commands issued for one of the most important functions in regards to SQL Server instance. Backing up data in SQL Server is a complex process that needs to be done with care and caution. A lot can go wrong during the backup process if not done properly, therefore it is important for the Database Administrator to be well...

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Backup Integrity – Why It Is So Important?

In this article we explore why it is important to maintain backup integrity. Although backing up of data is indispensable, there are occasions, when a backup might prove to be more harmful than helpful. While backing up data, you might not realize, but it might get corrupted. And you will come to know about it only when you attempt to use the backups for restoration of data. In such a situation, a backup file proves to be more of a problem than a solution. A corrupted backup might fail...

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5 Main Functions of the Transaction Logs in SQL Server

In this article we look at the key functions of transaction logs in SQL Server Transaction Log, as the name suggests, keeps a log of all the transactions that are taking place; along with the database modifications it’s making each day. It is one of the most crucial element in your database, in case of any system failure it brings back database to a consistent condition. You should never opt for deleting or moving your transactions log unless you are not completely sure of its...

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