Database Recovery

How to Get Alert Email on Failover in Your Always On Availability Group in SQL Server

Follow these simple steps along with the script to set up and receive a simple and single email whenever a failover happens in your AlwaysOn Availability Group. AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group was released with SQL Server 2012 and is the successor of database mirroring. You can set it up in your SQL Server environment for high availability or disaster recovery. For High Availability the group has to be set in synchronous mode and for disaster recovery the...

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In-depth Discussion of In-Memory Online Transaction Processing in SQL Server

In this article, we take an in-depth discussion into online transaction processing features present in latest iterations of SQL Server Latest SQL Server editions come with the much vaunted In-Memory online transaction processing (OLTP) engines. This feature helped users improve SQL Server performance by improving the in-memory capabilities of the system, scaling operations in SQL Server and accelerating applications. To achieve all the following SQL users often opt for redesigning the basic...

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SQL Server Market Is Growing and There is Demand for Junior DBAs

In this article we take a look at career prospects for your Database professionals With the launch of the SQL server 2016 there is a growing preference for SQL server as database management software of various companies, thus the demand for Junior DBAs is also increasing. DBAs are the database administrators who play a very important role in managing the company’s database and are responsible for ensuring the security of the same. They are also supposed to perform a lot of technical...

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