Database Recovery

How to Auto Check SQL Server Services or Essential Windows Services

You might have scheduled important jobs through SQL Server agent but they would have missed the schedule as the SQL Agent might have been turned off accidentally. You can be sure that this never happen again. If SQL Server services do not run properly then SQL Server database corruption might be a reason. Start with the configuration table Create a configuration table with columns "Servername", "ServiceName" and "DesiredStatus" and fill the table with respective values. For example if you...

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How to Auto Check SQL Server Configurations and Fix Non-compliances

You can complete a quick audit of SQL Server's configuration on all servers in your Company. The script will be helpful to auto fix configurations that are non-compliant Create three tables: We are going to create 3 tables. In the first table, we will be saving SQL Server Configuration name and its recommended value. This table will act as source table for comparison. If you are using SQL 2014, do not miss to take care of the configuration item namely "backup checksum default". By default the...

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How to Monitor the Availability of Your SQL Server Database Backup Files

Every DBA uses backup file as the basis to recover a corrupted SQL Server database. SQL Server's maintenance plan helps you to create Backup plans. You can then schedule those maintenance plans as jobs though SQL Server agent. However you will not receive any alert if these backup files get corrupted or moved or deleted from the backup path. This article will help you to identify if all databases in your SQL environment has a backup file that can be used during a disaster recovery. Start with...

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