Database Recovery

A Quick overview of Backup types available in MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server is without doubt rich in features and it offers several options for backups too. Depending on your specific needs you can choose a backup option that suits you. For example in large organizations where it is necessary to meet strict compliance needs, complete backups may be necessary at quick intervals. In contrast in an independent department store or an educational institute, partial backups taken every week may suffice. Let’s discuss the major backup types in...

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SQL Server Compact Edition – Overview and Benefits

As the popularity of Smartphones and PDA devices increase with every passing day, companies are looking to build applications that can harness the power of these mobile devices. For example a courier and cargo company may wish to facilitate data interchange with PDA devices carried by their agents on the field with their central server. With SQL Server Compact which runs on mobile devices, it is now possible to run an application with two way data transfer with a central SQL Server. Let’s...

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Relevance of SQL Server Buffer Pool – A Primer

The SQL Server application is designed to tackle huge workloads and its uses several relevant techniques to deliver outstanding performance. The SQL Server Buffer cache is an area in the computer memory which is used to cache appropriate index and table data for quick access. For the uninitiated, caching essentially aims to keep frequently accessed data handy with an eye on reducing read times, especially from a secondary storage device. Let’s look at the key reasons and benefits behind the...

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