Database Recovery

A Basic Overview of Report Editor Feature Available in SQL Server Report Builder

Making sense from the data stored in a company’s data repository is an ongoing challenge that most professionals continue to experience. However if you are using a SQL Server database in your organization, you can use it powerful reports editor feature to create custom reports that meets your needs. In fact the reports created with the help of the editor can be tailored to address specific data elements, implement filters and the retrieved data can be displayed on a layout of your choice....

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Learn about the Types of Wizards available in the SQL Server Report Builder

In any typical SQL Server implementation, it is important to make sense of the data stored in it. Reports provide us with a handy option to view data as per our requirement and even present it before different stakeholders in a structured manner. Now the MS SQL Server Report builder feature allows you to create reports of various hues using the readily available wizards. Let’s look at them in detail.   Chart Wizard – Representing data in a vivid visual style The chart wizard...

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Hardware tips for Managing Intense Workload on a SQL Server

The MS SQL Server can be used to tackle intense workloads with clinical efficiency provided the hardware infrastructure is in place. Now if your application needs to service a cross department, large user environment or is a client facing application accessed by thousands, it needs to be run on proper hardware. Let’s look at some of key hardware recommendations that can help jazz up the performance of your SQL Server application.   Consider Adding as Much Memory as Possible Most...

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