Zip File Recovery

Using Zip Files to Transfer Content to USB Drives Quickly

In our day to day office work, we may need to move data between systems and often we prefer to use pen drives for the same. USB flash drives typically offer us the convenience of storing a large amount of data in a small device which we can even carry in our pockets. However transferring large amounts of data from your PC to your pen drive can be a big hassle. Imagine a situation where you need to transfer a whole bunch of documents and images with total file size of around 2GB to a pen...

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A Quick guide to help you work with zip files in Blackberry 10

The Blackberry 10 without doubt is one of the most potent Smartphone OS available in the market today. When Research In Motion (RIM) rolled out this state of the art Smartphone, it was greeted with raw appreciation and glee by most of its business users. Boasting of a host of sophisticated features the Blackberry 10 allows you take care of nearly every official work you can conceive off right from your mobile. Working with Zip files in BlackBerry 10 An interesting fact about Blackberry 10...

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Dealing with Zip files getting corrupted during download on specific systems

A number of organizations today are using zip files to transfer content between their stakeholders and a primary way of doing so involves uploading them on their corporate websites. While zip files offer a great deal of convenience, they come with their own share of unique issues. One of the most common issues which, IT teams across companies tend to experience is the persistent complain about corrupted zip files. Strangely when they check the corporate website, they may find the said zip files...

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