Zip File Recovery

Dealing with Zip files getting corrupted during download on specific systems

A number of organizations today are using zip files to transfer content between their stakeholders and a primary way of doing so involves uploading them on their corporate websites. While zip files offer a great deal of convenience, they come with their own share of unique issues. One of the most common issues which, IT teams across companies tend to experience is the persistent complain about corrupted zip files. Strangely when they check the corporate website, they may find the said zip files...

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Tips to deal with slow extraction of zip files

At times you may have noticed that your zip utility is taking endless minutes to unzip a simple zip file which you had just downloaded from the internet.  If you are wondering what is causing that simple zip file you downloaded to get stuck up in the extraction process then your answer lies with the ubiquitous Windows Attachment Manager service. Let us look at the scenario in detail. Every file that you download from the internet is reviewed by the Windows Attachment Manager for potential...

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Creating large Zip files using 64 bit extensions

Over the last decade the personal computing world has seen numerous changes and one of the most significant amongst them has been the move towards 64 bit computing. Around 2003 the first Macs and later some PCs started to come with 64 bit processors which inherently had the potential to redefine the computing world. The zip format too has been affected by the march of 64 bit computing technology. The typical zip format used a 32 bit address register which limited the file sizes to 4GB. In...

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