Zip File Recovery

Viewing Zip files in Google Docs – A Primer

Google has long been a trailblazer in the world of computing and internet. Its cutting edge products and services from Google Earth to Google Glass have managed to hold the imagination of countless people around the world. In its extensive repertoire of products lies the widely used Google Docs application suite. Mimicking the ubiquitous Ms Office Suite from Microsoft, it provided nearly a same set of major applications free of cost. While the Google Docs served as a great application set...

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Why some downloaded Zip files show empty folders after unzipping

While you may have come across a variety of issues related to zip files ranging from corrupt files to irritating error messages, there is nothing spookier than to find out that the zip file you just downloaded from the internet is empty. Zip files typically tend to be vulnerable during a transfer process and can get corrupted; however their contents cannot simply vanish after being downloaded. The issue can occur due to certain specific reasons as listed below Directly using the Open...

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Avoiding Viruses that can come through a Zip file

Avoiding Viruses that can come through a Zip file Of all things that you can come across on the internet, the one thing that you really do not want to cross paths with is a computer virus. While the wish to keep viruses at bay is inherent in the mind of every computer user, it is easier said than done. Viruses can come encompassed in form of harmless files and the zip files are often used as an effective delivery medium. While most of us would not really open a .exe file attached to an...

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