Archive and Backup File Recovery

5 Common Reasons for BKF File Corruption

The universal importance of data has led to many measures to protect and secure it. One of the most important steps people take to keep their data safe is creating a backup file, and it is always a relief when you lose your files but recover them through your backup files. This article will however focus on the threats that endanger your .bkf backup files. Files with the .bkf suffix are backup files contained in the Windows NT series. They are often a great help to people who have lost,...

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A Quick Guide to Recover Corrupt Archived Files

This piece highlights some infallible tips that you should keep in mind when recovering corrupt archived files whether you are using command prompt or expert tools. Proper document archival is a critical part of information management for businesses. This is because it helps companies prevent data loss and restrict access to information to the right people. It also helps businesses meet regulatory requirements such as audits and mandatory data retention timelines. Archival tools use various...

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Choosing your Default application to Open Zip files

Today when you look at some of the different applications that are available for creating zip files, you sure can be spoilt for choice. From the old favorite WinZip to the open source 7zip and host of others thrown in the lot, you may at times have multiple programs present in your system to open a zip file. So at times your .zip file extension may have got associated with a specific application and from then onwards when you click on any zip file, the same application opens up as default. Now...

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