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Avoiding Viruses that can come through a Zip file

Avoiding Viruses that can come through a Zip file Of all things that you can come across on the internet, the one thing that you really do not want to cross paths with is a computer virus. While the wish to keep viruses at bay is inherent in the mind of every computer user, it is easier said than done. Viruses can come encompassed in form of harmless files and the zip files are often used as an effective delivery medium. While most of us would not really open a .exe file attached to an...

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Previewing a Zip file – A Primer

The advent of high speed internet has literally changed the way we share data. Instead of sending across DVDs or even pen drives, we simply prefer to upload a large amount of data that we want to share on a website, and send across a link to the recipients. In most cases when we are dealing with a large amount of data, the preferred format for uploading data is the ubiquitous zip format. However the zip format can cause an unique hassle for the intended recipients of the data. Since the zip...

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Using Zip Files to Transfer Content to USB Drives Quickly

In our day to day office work, we may need to move data between systems and often we prefer to use pen drives for the same. USB flash drives typically offer us the convenience of storing a large amount of data in a small device which we can even carry in our pockets. However transferring large amounts of data from your PC to your pen drive can be a big hassle. Imagine a situation where you need to transfer a whole bunch of documents and images with total file size of around 2GB to a pen...

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