Data Backup

Should You Keep External Hard Drive Connected All the Time?

Many users are confused about whether it is advisable to keep the external hard drive connected all the time. Therefore, in this article, we will look at this issue and make a detailed discussion. When it comes to data protection, making regular data backups will occur to your minds definitely. It’s because that data backups will be able to make great effects in data recovery. For example, if your original Outlook PST file is corrupt, you still can restore corrupt Outlook data from...

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7 Effective Tips to Verify Your Data Backups

Many users have complained that they fail to restore data from data backups. Most of time, it is because that they haven’t verify the data backups before. This post will teach you 7 essential tips to test your data backups effectively. As you know, it is extremely important to make regular backups of your data. It is because data backups will play a great role in data recovery. For example, when your Outlook PST gets damaged, if you’ve backed up the PST file recently, it will be quite...

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7 Top Reasons Why Data Recovery from Backups Fails

It can be quite frustrating if you fail to recover data from data backups. This article will look at the issue and unveil the 7 most common reasons behind it. As we all know, making regular data backups is of great importance in that data backups will play a great role in future data recovery in the event of data disaster. For instance, if your PST file gets corrupted for some reasons, you will be likely to find PST data inaccessible. In this case, if you have backed up the PST file...

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