Data Backup

How Often Should You Verify Data Backups?

So as to ensure that data backups are effective, it is highly recommended to test and verify data backups at a regular interval. Many users are confused about how often they should test data backups. This article will discuss about this issue in detail. When it comes to making efforts to avoid data loss, undoubtedly, one of the most effective solutions is to make periodical data backups. In this way, the future data recovery will be pretty simple. For instance, when a PST file gets...

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How Often Should You Back up Your Data?

When it comes to making regular data backups, many users are confused with how often they should back up data. Therefore this article will focus on this issue to offer some suggestions. As we all know, regardless of what kind of devices data is stored in, no matter a hard disk drive, USB flash drive or SD card, data is always in danger. It’s because that the storage device will be damaged or surely fail one day. As long as anything wrong occurs to the device, the data stored in it will...

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12 Common Reasons & Solutions to Slow Data Backup Process

In order to avoid frustrating data loss, you may have made data backups regularly. Yet, if you find that the data backup process on your PC is unusually slow, you must want to figure out the reasons and solutions. Here we will expose these to you. Nowadays, data loss is actually occurring whenever and wherever. Therefore, it is essential for us to make consistent and up-to-date data backup at regular interval. The backups will contribute to data recovery a lot after data corruption, such as...

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