Data Backup

The Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Digital Photos

You must have many digital photos maybe in your smartphone or camera, etc. They are extremely important in that they record your valuable memories. You're surely reluctant to losing them. Now, this article will give you an ultimate guide to protect them effectively. In comparison with the past, people prefer to store photos digitally instead of printing out the photos or keeping the negatives. Also, in the contemporary era, many devices support us to capture significant moments in digital...

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3 Main Factors Influencing Your Data Recovery from the Cloud

How do you back up your data? Do you back up to an external drive or the cloud? In reality, more and more users prefer cloud backup service. They think that both data backup and recovery must be very convenient and fast. Yet, actually, it depends on many factors, such as the 3 ones shared in this article. Nowadays, cloud service has become one of the important giants in data storage and backup industry. It permits users to maintain, manage, share and back up the data remotely. To be...

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What to Do If You Cannot Create Recovery Drive in Windows?

Windows supports users to create recovery drive to back up system. But, sometimes, you may fail to accomplish it. Under such a circumstance, what should you do then? This article will give you a quick guide. In order to avoid vexing system crash and data loss like damaged PST data, it is highly essential to back up your computer. Fortunately, if your PC is running in Windows, you can make full use of its built-in backup features, such as "Recovery Drive". It's exactly a bootable drive. With...

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