How to Calculate Values Quickly without Using Formulas in Excel

Some small tips in Excel can help you a lot in your work. As for calculating certain values, except for using formulas, there exists another simple way. So follow us and figure out how this method works.

Excel has some very smart features, and those features enable it to become the most widely used software in office. For example, you need to calculate the total price of different products. And certainly you will use the Excel file to help with your work.Calculate Total Price

In this image, you can see that there are three products with their unit price. Now a client needs to buy different quantities of those products, and you need to calculate the total price. Certainly you can use a formula to calculate the result. However, with a formula, you can’t copy those values to other worksheets directly. Thus, here you can also try this method, which turns out to be very convenient.

Multiply One Column by Another

The following are the steps to multiply same values to a column.

  1. Copy the unit price into the column D in the worksheet.Copy into Column
  2. Then select the cell C2:C4 in the worksheet.
  3. And then press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + C” to copy the cells.Copy the Quantity
  4. Click the corresponding cells D2:D4 in the workbook.
  5. Now in the ribbon, click the small arrow under the button of “Paste”.Click Paste Special
  6. Then in the drop-down menu, click the option “Paste Special”.
  7. And then you will see a new window pop up. In this window, choose the “Multiply” in the operation area.Choose Multiply
  8. And then click “OK”. Thus, you will get the total price of the three products.The Total Price

This method uses the option in copy and paste. And you will find that there are some other options, like add, divide as well as subtract. If in other cases, you need to add or divide the same value in an area, you can also use this “Paste Special” feature.

Damaged Excel Files will Cause Perplexity

Excel files can be damaged by virus or malware out of the blue. And with a damaged Excel file, you will certain put your work aside and try to fix it. To avoid things becoming worse, you can prepare a third party tool at the outset. Thus, you can repair Excel files once you have found anything wrong in Excel. And with its expertise, you are sure to get back your important information stored in the file.

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  1. Between No.3 and No.4;there is one paste on D2:D4 and one copy from B2:B4: I think.