Built to run together – Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016

In this article we explore why Windows Server 2016 is the most apt platform for running the SQL Server 2016 database application

Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016With its official release announced for September 2016, during the September Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta, Windows server 2016 promises to be the most compatible operating software for the SQL server 2016. The feature rich SQL server software needs ample amount of space and an apt OS architecture to run efficiently and that is exactly what the Windows server 2016 has to offer.

Windows server 2016 is being touted as the most compatible operating system for SQL server 2016, mainly due to the massive increase in memory to 12 terabyte, which is three times the memory provided in Windows server 2012. SQL server 2016 is loaded with features that require large amounts of memory to give high performance, therefore instead of opting for more disk storage, or extended storage, it is better to opt for a server with sufficient in-built memory. However it should be noted that the amount of space provided by Windows server 2016 is not supported by all hardware, i.e. not all hardware are compatible with a server like Windows server 2016, there needs to be an enterprise level hardware system with maximum scalability capabilities. Any ordinary enterprise system will not be able to give the best results even with a server like Windows server 2016.

Another reason why Windows server 2016 is best suited for SQL server 2016 is the ‘storage spaces direct’. It is the evolution of ‘storage technology’ first introduced in Windows server 2012. Storage Spaces Direct allows the administrator to use numerous, concentrated file server connections to build highly accessible and scalable storage systems having local storage.

In a scenario where data centers are operating across different geographical locations working on SQL server 2016 on Windows server 2016, backbone allows for utilization of always on features across completely separate domains.

Get Ready For SQL Server 2016Over the years SQL server has been considered the most secure database platform, keeping in mind the security issues; it ensures protection from hacking and other viruses. With the coming of Windows server 2016 and SQL server 2016 the security has further been improved upon, and the licensing has also been made easier. Various editions of Windows server have successfully been able to reduce threat and patches by providing better availability like core and Nano. Smaller operating system footprints thus offer better resource management.

Windows Server 2016 offers features like Just-In-Time (JIT) administration and Just Enough Administration (JEA). With JIT a user can have advantaged access to resources, for a short period of time, for a particular task. Whereas JEA is believed to be a security technology enabling designated administration of elements that can be effectively managed using Windows Power Shell. With the help of which the user can:

  1. Limit the count of administrators on your machines by investing virtual accounts
  2. Limit the action of administrators by mentioning which functions along with external commands they are allowed to run.
  3. Have the knowledge of what the users are exactly doing with typical “over the shoulder” transcriptions.

A SQL Server 2016 database instance running on a Windows Server 2016 machine can still crash

The vulnerability of the SQL Server database to crashes and underlying data file corruption remains as it is even in the latest iteration. To avoid a data loss scenario, it is ideal to get hold of sql server recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery application. While the software can effortlessly get back all the records from a compromised SQL file, it can also be used to trace out records that may have been deleted by mistake. The tool is rather versatile and can handle a variety of storage media formats.

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