Best Practices for Fighting Spam in Ms Outlook

Today a large percentage thof all emails that flow through the internet can be classified as spam. As an Outlook user, you are likely to be protected against spam to a limited extent by its filters but without active intervention, eradicating spam is extremely difficult. However the Outlook email client does have a whole set of features that can be used to minimize the number of spam emails and even reduce phishing attacks. Now if you have been experiencing the issue of spam emails landing in your mailbox then it is time to put in some best practices that would help you avoid them in future.


Increase the Setting of Junk Email Filter to High

Outlook typically keeps the Junk filter zone settings to low. However with the volume of spam emails increasing with passing day, you need to consider putting the setting at High. While it may lead to some genuine emails being sent into the Junk folder, the overall benefit of this setting overrides the drawbacks.


Actively Mark Emails As Spam and Block Malicious Emails IDs

If you frequently get junk emails from a particular domain or region, you should consider blocking those IDs. Moreover when you find an email in your Inbox as spam, it is prudent to mark it rather than just deleting it.


Consider Disabling Image Downloads in Outlook

Blocking image downloads comes across as a quick way to reduce the chances of virus attacks or other malicious entries making their way into your system through email. To do so perform the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and move to the Tools tab
  2. Click on Options which appears under the Tools and then head to the Security tab
  3. In the bottom of the pane, you will come across the button related to changing automatic download settings. Click on it.
  4. Now in the subsequent screen, check the option box which mentions “Don’t download pictures in HTML …..”
  5. Click on Ok and apply the settings.


Best Practices that you can follow

Apart from the steps mentioned above you should avoid entering your email ID on public forums in the standard format. You can copy them as an image or use brackets around the @ symbol. This would prevent your email to be picked up correctly by email id scrapper software.


Keeping your Email Data Accessible in case of an Outlook Crashes

The Ms Outlook application has an uncanny habit of crashing at inopportune moments. During such challenging times you need to take the help of a powerful pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get access to your compromised emails. This highly sophisticated software is equipped with advanced recovery algorithms to bring back all Outlook data including journal entries and calendar schedules. In case you are trying to recover PST files from a crashed Norton ghost backup, the same can be achieved with this tool with minimum fuss.


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