Benefits of Encrypting your SQL Server Backups

Organizations today find themselves untitledin a challenging security environment where their critical data is at risk from malicious individuals and in some cases from business rivals too. Moreover with government and regulatory bodies enforcing stringent data security and privacy guidelines, any incident of data loss can lead to serious legal and financial ramifications. Given the scenario you can never be too cautious and even consider the idea of encrypting your backup files. With Microsoft unleashing encryption for SQL backups in Server 2014, it would be a very prudent step for most enterprises who are looking to invest in the latest SQL Server iteration. Let’s look at some of key benefits that this decision can have for you.


Encryption allows you to Store Backup Files at a third party site

One of the cardinal principles of business continuity involves keeping a backup of your data repository at a secondary site, ideally at a different geographical location. However many companies have long dragged their feet in implementing such failsafe as they have always bothered about the security of their data. Encryption can help you avoid such worries and you can assuredly keep a backup of your SQL Server data at a third party site without having to bother about who lays their hand on your data.


Encryption allows you to Backup your data to cloud without risks

With cloud computing becoming the latest buzz in town, you may be inclined to backup your SQL data on the cloud. Now with encryption available in SQL Server 2014 you can confidently use a cloud based storage platform for data backups without worrying about security risks.


Backup Drives can be safely be reused

Backup drives of SQL Server often get undue attention from IT teams in most offices. When old drives are replaced, a great deal of effort goes in deleting the existing the data and in some cases sensitive drives may be destroyed too. Now if you have been encrypting your SQL Server backups, the drives that you use to store them can be reused without going through a whole cleanup process.


SQL Server 2014 offers strong encryption

The encryption options provided by SQL Server 2014 are quite strong and you can even use the highly secure AES 256 standard for securing sensitive data. Moreover the product allows you to create a database Master key which is essentially used to protect the private keys that are generated by the program. SQL Server 2014 even supports encryption when you are backing up the data to Windows Azure while using managed backups.


Dealing with a corrupt SQL Backup file

While SQL Backups are designed to help you recover from a challenging scenario, in some instances your backup files too may get compromised. If you experience such a situation then you should use a potent sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery to get back your data. With its state of the art technology, the recovery tool can extract data from even extensively messed SQL backup files and it can negotiate a variety of media types with ease.



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