Basic and Advanced Microsoft Office Outlook Repair Tools

Microsoft Outlook is powerful, broad based andrepairMan-300x300 widely used for personal information management the world over. Even with all the power and immensity of use, the MS Outlook mailbox can be infected in the case of any file corruption, an aspect that may damage the data in it. Outlook Repair tool, a key feature of Microsoft Outlook, focuses on fixing the problems regarding the failure in the mailbox. The PST (Personal Storage Table) and OST (Offline Storage Table) are the files, in which the data of a user is stored. Corruption of the data in these files can be repaired using the repair tool (Scanpst.exe). ScanPST looks for errors in the .pst file and corrects them. It also makes sure that the correct tables are present (of the PST) in the folders that it checks. The repaired files are recreated from the very beginning.

The Inbox repair tool works by scanning the .ost and .pst files and not the mailbox, which is running on the Microsoft Exchange server. Before starting off with the process the tool makes a backup copy of the Personal Folder. The recovered files indicate that the repair tool has done its job.  This feature works on Outlook 97-2010.

The Scanpst.exe is installed automatically once the Outlook has been installed into the computer. It’s located at the Local Drive C, in Program Files in the folder of Microsoft Outlook. By clicking on the file the prompt screen asks for the location of the .pst file that you would like to repair. After locating that, the repair process is started. Once that is done, a user requires creating a new .pst file so that the repaired files can be stored in it. After the completion of the repair process the user should restart the computer.


Another way

Another way of repairing the damaged files is using the Microsoft Outlook Integrity check tool. This tool checks whether the OST files are synchronized with the mailbox, if this error occurs then the tool works on the repair part. The procedure is pretty much the same as the repair tool, the only difference is that this checks for the .ost files whereas the latter looks for the .pst file.

The repair tool is very much efficient in fixing the damaged files in the mailbox; the users can use them easily to work further on their Outlook account.

Where a more intricate recovery needs to be executed, there is a third party application, DataNumen, which offers a wide range of options for the user, including a variety of output formats and a complete scan of .pst files. With DataNumen, you can easily retrieve all lost email information such as the message sender, recipient, body and attachment. If you want to try it out before settling for a full version, a trial version is available on their official website.


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