Backing Up your Outlook PST files – A Primer

The importance of backing up your data is quite imperative, given the susceptibility of computer systems and applications to failure or compromise from different elements. While keeping a complete backup of your system data is a good option, special attention must be given for backing up your important messages and contact details. Now in case you are using thes look at some of the ways to achieve the same.


Backing up your Outlook data by exporting the contents

One of the easiest ways to backup the data contained in the Ms Outlook application involves using the inbuilt Import and Export option which you can access under File tab. Once you click imagesAHCLVBORon it, you find a screen which lists multiple options before you and you need to select the option that mentions export file. In the subsequent screen you need to the Personnel folder file and then select the folders you wish to export. Herein you will get the option select all or some of the folders including Inbox, sent items, calendar etc. Once you made the desired selection you need to choose an output location and complete the process. Ideally you should keep a copy of the backup file away from your system, say in a DVD drive or cloud storage as a matter of abundant caution.


Using the Personal Folders Backup utility from Microsoft

Microsoft incidentally also offers an effectual tool help you safely create backups your .pst files. Once you download and install the add-in, it appears under the File tab and once launched you need to click on Option. In the option screen you can view a list of .pst files which you can check and then create a backup by following the onscreen instructions. The program allows you to create multiple backup copies and can even schedule reminders.

Along the above two techniques, you may even choose directly copy the existing .pst files and save them in a different location. However this option is only recommended for advanced user. Outlook .pst files can be typically found by visiting Mail option, under User account in the control panel. In the Mail screen you need to look for Data files, then click on Settings and copy the data appearing in the filename field. Now just open the file location in Windows explorer and copy it to a different location


Remain prepared for Corrupt .pst files

Even though you do make it a point to keep regular backups, even the backed up .pst file can get corrupted due to logical error or a malicious virus. Thus you should always remain prepared and keep a powerful pst repair tool at hand. One of the best tools in this genre is the DataNumen Outlook repair application which can seamlessly recover large .pst files with ease. Further it can recover the data while maintaining their ingrained integrity and its performance is unrivalled in its class.


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