Azure Data Lake – Why Users of SQL Enterprise Edition Should Give It a Good Thought

In this article we look at Azure Data Lake and understand why enterprise users of SQL Server should give it a very close look.

It is no more uncommon to come across not just an organization but even enterprises struggling to get sufficient storage to store big data on cloud. If you are also a part of one such enterprise and are looking for a reliable software to take care of your big data, our suggestion to you would be making use of Azure Data Lake. Although there are several other solutions you may try out, on the basis of your requirement, Azure Lake is tried and tested. This is one of the trusted solution for storing massive amounts of data that goes into zettabytes and petabytes. One of the greatest advantage of using Azure Data Lake is that it stores your data on the cloud in its native form, with only some changes in the size. Along with storing data it can also provide you with analytical intelligence to be applied to your data.Azure Data Lake

Key Features and Advantages.

HDFS Compatibility

Microsoft Azure Data LakeIf you have been dealing with big data, then one of the things you must be familiar with is Hadoop. Azure Data Lake provides you with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) Compatibility. This is one of those features that give an organization the relief of migrating existing application data over to cloud without incorporating any kind of changes in HDFS directory structure.

High Throughput

Azure Data Lake provides you with massive amounts of throughput, not in isolation but along with executing equally heavy queries, the results of which won’t take long to return. If you are making use of just one account on Azure Lake, it will allow you to make use of advance analytics on all your stored data. It can also allow you to undertake small writes for managing large volumes at low latency so that the process gets optimized for data analytics in near real time.

Scalable and Secure

When using Azure Data Lake, you will not have to expend great effort for managing and tuning the infrastructure to get access to processing power that is enough for concurrently executing analytic jobs. It can provide you with not just high, but also instant, yet scalable data processing. In addition to this, it also has robust security solutions in the form of data encryption based on SSL, multi factor authentication along with single sign on, HSM based keys that are used for securing data in Azure Vault that is not in use, etc.

Enterprise Ready

Azure Data Lake has the kind of capabilities that make it fit for use at the enterprise level. Its features and goodness is not limited to the security, scalability, compatibility or throughput it provides, but also extends to data replication, high durability, and a lot more. One of the greatest benefits that comes along with making use of Azure Lake is that it can run on any platform or solution, and work as an important component that does not require any kind if changes to be made.

Even the enterprise edition of SQL Server database is vulnerable to crashes. So it is prudent for companies to invest in a SQL Server fix tool to avoid any chance of data loss.

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