How to Automatically Highlight Auto Replies with Important Information

We are usually averse to receiving auto replies. But sometimes, people will write useful information in it, such as his agent or his emergency telephone number. This article will help you to highlight those auto replies with Important Information.

If I will go for a holiday, I also tend to create an auto reply for my email account. Besides, in this auto reply we will write in my emergency telephone number, such that those who have an emergent deal with me can call this number. Actually multiple people have this habit, thus I also create a rule for the auto replies with specific texts.

Create a Conditional Formatting Rule

  1. For a start, select the email folder where the auto-replies land and switch to “View” tab.
  2. Click the “View Settings” button and select “Conditional Formatting” in the new popup dialog box.Conditional Formatting
  3. In another new dialog box, you ought to click “Add” button to customize a conditional formatting rule. You ought to type a name to it, such as “Automatic Replies with Tel Number”.Automatic Replies with Tel Number
  4. Click “Condition” button, which will bring out a new dialog. Under “Messages” tab, you would add the specific texts. In “Search for the words”, we can type the concrete words, such as the Arabic numerals 1 to 10, referring to the telephone number. And select “subject field and message body”.search for the words
  5. Next switch to “Advanced” tab. In “Field”, you need to type “Message Class”. In “Condition”, choose “contains”. And in “Value” field, you can enter the item – “IPM.Note.Rules.OofTemplate.Microsoft”. Click “Add to list” button.Highlight Auto Replies
  6. Click “OK” to back to “Conditional Formatting” dialog box. And hit “Font” button. A new dialog box of “Font” will arise, in which you can set a special font, size, and color for auto-replies from clients.
  7. Finally click a series of “OK” to return to Outlook.

When the conditional formatting rule is truly created and enabled in success, the existing and future auto replies with the specified texts will be in the set font. You can easily identify them through the different fonts.

Keep Vigilant at Outlook Errors

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