Analyzing Reasons for Access Database Corruption

While working with Microsoft Access MDB file, one may come across error messages that indicate some corruption or damage to the MDB file. Before attempting to repair the file and recover the data, one has to understand what may have caused the corruption. Our article looks at some of the reasons that could cause corruption in an Access database.

If you have been working with Microsoft Access database without any problem for a long duration and suddenly find some error messages appearing, you might have to analyze what is causing the problem before you look for a solution. For example, have you installed a new workstation or a new server? Perhaps a new user is not using the database properly. You might have to check if the latest service packs have been installed for all the software. If you are facing the same problem, no matter what workstation you are working from, the problem is most likely to be with the hardware. On the other hand, if you are able to work smoothly from another workstation, the problem may lie with the software on a particular workstation. Once you have identified where the problem lies, you can proceed with Access repair and try to resolve the problem. Here is a look at some of the most common hardware and software problems.

  • Most hardware problems arise in equipment that is common to all users such as a server, switch or hub or just in the cable that is connecting one switch or hub to another switch or hub. If the same kinds of errors are seen on all the workstations, you should first check the equipment to ensure that everything is working fine. If the problem is in the equipment, you might have to replace it with a new one or at times carry out an upgrade. Make sure that you have the latest drivers for the network cards. At times, network cables that are not properly maintained can cause problems. Ensure they are not damaged or twisted. Sudden power failures can cause problems too – an uninterrupted power supply or UPS is one of the best ways of ensuring that no corruption is caused due to power outages. Finally, frequently powering off the system without shutting down Access properly will also result in corruption of Access and you will have to carry out an Access repair. Users must be warned to carry out a clean shutdown before powering off the system.
  • Mixing versions of Access can lead to error in reading the database. Different service packs of Jet DLLs always leads to conflict and creates problems while working with the database. Ensure that there are no duplicate Jet DLLs. Also, make sure you have the latest service packs of the software installed so that your software is protected against viruses and other malicious attacks.

Once you suspect that your Access database is corrupt or damaged, you can take the steps outlined above to resolve the source of the problem. However, you will have to carry out an Access repair on the damaged database to ensure integrity of the data. One of the best tools to do so is DataNumen Access Repair from DataNumen. With a recovery rate of over 90% that is well above the rest of

the competitors, Advanced Access Recovery can repair databases across many Access versions.

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