An Ounce of Prevention for Data Recovery

data recoveryMalware has reached epidemic proportions and has been circulating around our lives for some time now. Its effects on personal computers and business networks can be devastating and it has a negative effect on millions of people around the world. The computers that suffer the data loss can be repaired and most of the data recovered with DataNumen’s line of data recovery products.


Every single minute of every day, a single computer or a large network of computers are being invaded by unwanted software that can cause your hardware to partially fail or even be subjected to total collapse.


Generally, malware is sent to your email box in an unsuspecting fashion. What may seem like an innocent attachment such as a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet can contain a virus or other form of malware. These invasions can allow access to your email account and other private bits of information contained within your computer network.


Fortunately, DataNumen has been producing data recovery software since 2001. We have provided our software to many of the top Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Microsoft Word recovery can retrieve those lost or missing files that were corrupted through malicious means with coding errors. All or most of the data contained in this program can be recovered with DataNumen’s advanced technology.


We also offer Excel repair to recover those sophisticated financial reports or statistical data that is entered on a daily basis. As with any other software application that stores documents, Excel is just as susceptible to malware and coding error assaults.


When it comes to email many users rely on Outlook as their main source for personal and business messages. An Outlook repair program for recovery can restore your messages and weed out the corruption that caused the problem in the first place.


SQL coding is also very vulnerable to malware attacks. This is the framework upon which many database files are accessed and stored. DataNumen has a solution for this invasion through our SQL recovery program. The malware that invades SQL has been programmed with the main goal of exploiting holes in the software defense system and can bypass even the most stringent security measures.


DataNumen’s goal is to recover as much data as possible once a disastrous piece of malware enters your network. Other causes of corrupt data can also be attributed to hardware failures, human error, or even hacker attacks.


You can quickly and easily purchase any of our repair programs online, or if you have questions you can give us a call 24/7 at 1-800-998-8826. All purchases are backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


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