Adding RSS Feeds to Outlook – A Primer

In this article we look at adding RSS feed into the Ms Outlook application and reading updates from sites directly from within the email client.

Adding RSS Feeds to Outlook - A Primer

A lot of professional Outlook users typically link RSS feeds of popular business websites into their email client and get the benefit of receiving updated news stories throughout the day. For those of you who are still not aware of the term RSS, let us describe it for you. Well, RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a method used by a number of content publishers these days to provide latest blogs, news or other contents to the subscribers. The good news is that Microsoft allows you to add RSS Feeds in its Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions with ease. Let’s discuss this in depth.

Elaborately speaking, RSS Feeds is a very popular way of distributing information or content online to a large audience in a very standardized format. Nowadays, bloggers and other content developers are widely using this method to spread a word about their blog or website to attract more and more traffic and thereby increase their business and sales. However, a very important thing worth noting here is that a particular and a standardized XML file format is required to view published content by programs like MS Outlook.

The best advantage of RSS is that you get all the relevant information or content about a topic that you desire from a number of websites or blogs at one place. In other words, when you subscribe to RSS Feeds, you will no longer need to surf different websites for information, all the summaries will get automatically delivered to you in your mailbox and the choice lies in your hand to choose which particular articles to read or not.

Now, if you are excited to know how to add RSS Feeds to MS Outlook, then here is the whole procedure. All you need to do is first go to the Tools Tab from the Main Menu and choose the Account Settings. Then, click on the RSS Feeds Tab and select the New Option. Once the New RSS Feed Dialog Box opens, simply press CTRL + V in order to paste the address or URL of the RSS Feed. After this select Add and finally click on Ok. In case, you wish to add an RSS Feed that has been sent to you via an email message, then you just need to go to the Reading Pane and choose the Share Tab under the Open Group. Select the option of Add This RSS Feed and then click on Ok. However, bear in mind that others can only share an RSS link with you via Outlook, so make sure to accept the request of sharing RSS Feeds that come your way and then the feeds will automatically add in your list of RSS Feeds.

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