Achieve a Great deal more by intelligently using Flags in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook emailoutlook-flag client can boast of an array of features which can rarely be found in any other competing product. In fact its range of options and possible customizations are so extensive that most users do not even know about them. Typically when it comes to flags, a lot of novice users just mark important emails with a default flag for further reference. However flags can be tailored to achieve much more and this article we would explore how they can be customized to meet our needs.


Create Custom Flag Descriptions

At the very outset you need to understand that flags are best used to marking out emails. For example you use flags with the red color as urgent. Similarly you can mark some other flag as Next week or To-Reply. Now to add these custom descriptions on flags you need to perform the steps listed below

  1. Start the Ms Outlook application and head to the Tools tab
  2. Under Tools click on the Customize option
  3. In the subsequent screen, move to the Toolbar tab and create a New toolbar
  4. Next drag the toolbar to place of your choice.
  5. Now move to the Commands tab and click on Actions. In the choices that show up in the right pane, choose a flag that you wish to edit and drag it to the toolbar.
  6. Now in the toolbar select the flag and right click on it
  7. Here you would get multiple options like choosing the color of the flag or changing the text name to one of your choice


Use Colors in a Planned Manner

Now that you know how to add text to a specific flag and even change its color, you need to have a predefined color order for easy reference. For example flags related to priority can be set as red, blue or yellow with the last signifying the items of least priority.


Consider Flag Status while Searching for Emails in Outlook

When you are searching for specific emails in the Inbox, emails marked with flags are easy to trace out. To find emails where flags have been used, open the Advanced Find screen in Outlook and head to the Advanced tab. Now move down to Field option and from the drop down list, click on Frequently used fields and under it you can choose various options related to flags like Flag Color or Flag status to narrow down your search.


Taking PST Errors lightly can lead to a Calamity

While working with the Ms Outlook email client, encountering error messages have become a par for the course for experienced users who may consider most of them are benign. Yet PST errors can throw up nasty surprises and should not be taken lightly as they can botch up your entire email repository. So at the first sight of a PST error you should get hold of a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can help you retrieve the stored data in case of a crash. The tool is equipped with a strikingly powerful recovery algorithm that can even discover PST files that seem to have gone missing from their usual locations. Irrespective of whether the corrupted PST file was mounted on a virtual drive or was stored in a removable solid state device, this tool can retrieve the data with equal ease.


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