A Quick Overview of Contact Management features in Outlook

The Ms Outlook mail client has several class leading features which


separates it from other such tools in the market. Its contact management system is highly refined and is widely used by professionals owing to its flexibility. Its contact management system allows you to enter extensive details for each of your contact and you can club them as per your preference. Further by using distribution lists, you can communicate to a bunch of contacts in one go and send out communiqués at regular intervals.

The Outlook contact system allows you to place up to three separate email IDs per contact. You can place in multiple phone numbers and add an image of the customer too. If you want you can mark a contact as private. It gives you the chance to enter substantial details and even create custom fields. Further you can view a specific set of contacts by their company or category. By using the Contact links field you can seamlessly associate one contact with another and thus place them together on a given appointment etc.


  • Looking at the Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2010 and above

Now that you have already seen some of the standard contact features that are available across most Outlook versions, it time to look at the advanced Business contact manager feature in the latest iterations of the Outlook mail client. It essentially adds a whole set of customer relationship management (CRM) features onto your Outlook client and offers specialized features for managing leads and Project management. If you happen to run a small business, this additional tool can help you seamlessly integrate your outreach activities and client tracking directly within outlook and give you a centralized view of your marketing efforts. By utilizing the Sales module you can keep a hawk eye on your opportunities and see how your leads are performing. You can mark the stage of sales lead and or transfer an opportunity to your colleague. In face with this tool working on top of Ms Outlook client most small companies can simply avoid investing in a CRM product.


  • What if you lose your stored contacts due to a corrupt .pst file

When you use the Ms Outlook application in isolation, it stores all the data in form of personal storage files. However these .pst files are vulnerable to myriad elements or your Outlook application may simply crash. In such a scenario you should get hold of a pst recovery tool to extract your valuable contacts and other data. Ideally you should consider a tool which can tackle emails irrespective of their format and negotiate large files and DataNumen Outlook repair fits the bill perfectly. This advanced application is capable of restoring the data stored in Outlook files without messing up its structure. Further it can help you restore your contacts, calendars and other Outlook elements which run of the mill recovery tools fail to achieve.


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