A Quick Guide to Schedule your meetings with Ms Outlook

In any office, the need for scheduling team meetings calViewSmallcan emerge at anytime. However sending an email to inform participants about a scheduled meeting is a rather ineffective way of scheduling meetings. You may not know which of your intended participants are available at any given time or the resources that are available at a given time slot. Using the Meeting feature in Outlook you get the chance to schedule meetings with a whole set of participants while tracking their availability and blocking resources such as conference rooms, projectors etc.


  • Setting Up a Meeting in Outlook

Creating a meeting in Outlook is very easy. Just click on the Meeting Request option under the New tab in the File menu and then place in the subject for the proposed meeting. Moving further you can then use the Location option to allocate a specific venue. In case your office is using an Exchange server, then you can click on Rooms tab to view the available rooms at any given time and book one as per your needs. Next you need to select the time frame for the meeting and type in the meeting message. Provide all the relevant information you believe that your participants would like to hear and you can even add files as attachments.

Next you can use the scheduling assistant to figure out an appropriate time for the meeting. Once you have added the participants using the Add Other option you can mark certain people as Required or Optional. Using the availability grid view, you can check the availability of the suggested attendees. The Ms Outlook client can also recommend a best suitable time in the Suggested time screen. Once you have figured out the details just send out the meeting request. The Outlook client can give regular reminders to participants before the meeting and keep them abreast of the schedule.


  • Responding to Meeting Updates

The people you have invited have the option of responding to your meeting request. Once a meeting request appears before a suggested participant, he/she can either accept or decline the request. Alternately the Outlook client allows the respondents to recommend an alternate time frame. However if you want you can Set the Outlook application to prevent counter time frames from being suggested.


  • PST file corruption can risk your Meeting schedules

While the Outlook application is uniquely suitable for scheduling meetings and for a variety of other purposes, one should always remain aware of its key vulnerabilities such as corruption of .pst files. In case you experience such an issue all your data including Meeting schedules can be at risk and you should immediately seek out a repair pst tool such as DataNumen Outlook repair to get back your critical data. This exceptional tool can recover all forms data contained in .pst files including emails in the HTML format. Further it can work on all current versions of Windows OS including 64 bit ones and extract data from compromised .pst files exceeding the 2GB size limit.


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