A quick guide to bring back deleted emails in Outlook?

Bringing back deleted emails from an email client is the most difficult part of an Outlook recovery process. The deletion settings in Outlook plays an important part in the process of email recovery as it can decide if the deleted data can be easily recovered or not. Recovering recently lost emails typically pose little challenge and can be recovered easily. However, emails deleted about a week or a month ago can pose considerable challenge and you may need the help of specialized software.

You must be aware that whenever you delete emails from a web client like Yahoo Mail! Gmail or HotMail the deleted emails end up in the Trash folder from where you can recover your emails within a specific time. The process of recovering data from a web client depends on when the email/emails were deleted and for what time it remains in the Trash folder. If it remains in the Trash folder you can recover the data by yourself and if it is deleted from it then you contact the service provider to help you recover your emails.

Similarly in the case of an email client like Outlook the deleted email messages end up in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. You can anytime view these items by clicking on the ‘Deleted Items’ folder and recover the emails that you have accidentally deleted. However, if the items are hard deleted (permanently deleted) from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder then it becomes extremely difficult to recover the files. However, you can always recover Outlook and the emails deleted from it, and it depends largely on the Exchange server settings in Outlook.

If the Exchange Server setting is not set to keep deleted items then it is recommended that you use Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 or 2007 account to fix this problem. You can click on the ‘fix it for me’ button to automatically fix this problem for you and the Exchange Server will then retain and recover the deleted items. To determine whether the Exchange Server is set to retain deleted items, open the properties of the public and private information store objects under the server object.

A message can be accidentally deleted from Outlook by the following way:

  • Accidentally pressing shift+delete while viewing a message
  • Using Internet Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) while using Outlook client

To recover Outlook emails that are hard deleted is not a very hard task as it seems and depending on the version of Outlook you are using you can make changes to the registry and save copy of deleted items in the Exchange Server. To recover Outlook emails in the latest Outlook 2007 version do not involve any pain at all as the recovery process is automatically set to save deleted items in the Exchange Server. However, if you are using an earlier version of Outlook then you may need to do a bit of tweaking on the registry file for which you may require a bit of technical knowledge.

It is therefore important to set the Exchange Server to save deleted copies of emails so that you can recover them at a later time. However, if you are still unable to recover deleted emails from your Outlook email client then there is no need to panic as there are specialized tools like DataNumen Outlook Repair in the market which you can make use of.

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