A Brief Lowdown on the AutoArchive Feature available in Ms Outlook

In this article we take a close look at the AutoArchive feature in Ms Outlook and understand how it should be best used.

A Brief Lowdown on the AutoArchive Feature available in Ms Outlook

It has been observed that some Outlook users are afraid of archiving their mailbox. Perhaps, they are afraid of losing all their important email data once they archive it. If you are one of those people who haven’t tried archiving your old emails in MS Outlook yet, then we are here to enlighten you with some of the key advantages or using the new AutoArchive feature in MS Outlook.

The first and the most important advantage of archiving old emails is better management especially of your PST files, as it helps reducing their size. Not only, this, archiving helps you tracking your old records easily with a clutter free and clean visual representation of your Outlook profile. Thirdly, by archiving the old emails, you create more space in your mailbox, so why not archive them and create more space for future mails to drop in your mailbox?

Many of us are aware of the fact that MS Outlook archives your mailbox items by default every second week and you receive a message, asking whether you want to archive your message folders or not. By saying yes, you automatically allow the default archive feature to put old messages in the archive folder, thereby making your mailbox lighter and cleaner for future use. All the messages archived go directly to the Archive Folders. Some people worry that the moment the old mails are transferred to this Archive Folder, they are lost, but this is not the case, as these archived files get collected in your hard drive for backup. In other words, archiving old emails in MS Outlook is a great way of having a backup of all your old and important emails.

It is important to note that the AutoArchive feature remains active only for two weeks from the moment once Microsoft Outlook gets launched for the first time on a system and after two weeks, user has to choose the option to archive specific mails from Outlook that too within a specified period of time. Those who are happy to archive their mailbox find it an essential feature in MS Outlook, as it offers capacity management with an ease of retrieval, indexing along with backup and search. Now, let us throw some light on how Outlook archives your mailbox. It actually automatically creates a new Archive.pst file. Generally, users are advised to archive only one year old messages for a better representation and a cleaner mailbox.

An Outlook crash can also compromise the data stored in your Archive files

Archiving the mailbox in MS Outlook is a one stop answer to various issues regarding the capacity, backup and cleaner view of the important messages and data. In other words, by archiving the mailbox, you can easily enjoy an enhanced software performance along with a quicker restore and backup of your emails. However the Archive PST file too is susceptible to corruption and you should keep a versatile pst recovery tool like potent DataNumen Outlook Repair application handy to deal with contingencies. The application can sweetly handle even the most extensive PST corruption incidences and can tackle huge Archive files running into several gigabytes.

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