A Basic Guide to Working with Ms Outlook Mailbox Cleanup feature

As a regular Outlook user,th I have always experienced the challenge of keeping my Inbox in shape and avoid it getting bloated under a daily barrage of emails. While there are several measures that can be used to segregate emails and reduce the clutter present in a typical Outlook Inbox, the Mailbox cleanup tool remains the most easiest way to achieve the same.  Moreover for a novice computer user, the tool is a safe way to address the issue without causing inadvertent errors. Let’s explore how this tool can be used.


Launching the Mailbox Cleanup Tool

Step 1. Open the Outlook Application

Step 2. Go to Tools in the top Menu Bar

Step 3. Under the drop down menu in Tools, Click on the Mailbox Cleanup option. A new screen with options for managing the size of your mailbox would appear.


Using the Mailbox Cleanup Tool

Once the Mailbox Cleanup screen has appeared, you can choose the available options to restrict the size of your Mailbox. To start with you can click on View Mailbox Size to check the current size of the mailbox. Next you can use any of the two Find options to filter the emails. For example you can search for emails over the 5Mb size or look for emails older than 90 days. The emails that meet your criteria can be moved to a different folder or even backed up on an external drive.

The Mailbox Cleanup tool includes the Auto Archive feature that can be used to shift old emails to the Archive folder on a regular basis. Next the tool also gives you the choice to delete all items present in the deleted items folder. Once you have done that you can delete all alternate versions of similar emails present in your mailbox in one go. This can help remove the redundancy and help save disk space.


An Overloaded Inbox is a sure Recipe for Errors to Creep in

The Ms Outlook email client is an extraordinary tool when it comes to its feature set. However in some areas it remains acutely prone to errors and when your Inbox becomes overloaded with emails, disaster in form of an Outlook crash can come calling at anytime. So you should diligently use the Mailbox clean up tool to keep it in shape. Yet even after your strenuous efforts, an Outlook crash can occur, which can potentially risk your emails. Hence if you notice the size of your Inbox building up, invest in a pst repair tool

like DataNumen Outlook Repair to tackle any eventuality. This powerful tool is expert at recovering all Outlook data types and is equally proficient in recovering data from flash media drives.  In some companies, virtualization is extensively implemented and there may be a chance that Outlook data is placed in virtual machine drive. Here too this remarkable software can come to your rescue and retrieve the email data in quick time.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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