9 Ways to Save Your Papers in Word – Part II

In last part, we have talked about 4 tips on how to save papers in your word. And in this part, we will introduce the remaining 5 approaches to compress you word documents.

Method 5: Compress the Line Spacing

Most of us use Single line spacing, which is the default setting in word document. However, with a few clicks you can choose a different line spacing of your own. Usually, we might switch to Exact line spacing or Multiple line spacing. For Multiple line spacing, word automatically set 3 for Multiple line spacing, which is obviously too much for us. Therefore, some trial and error may be required to find out the appropriate line spacing. Here I recommend using Multiple line spacing of 1.1 or 1.2 as a proper adjustment.

  1. Using the right-click of the mouse, select Paragraph.Select "Paragraph"
  2. On the following pop-up window, under Line spacing we choose Multiple, and then set it at 1.Choose "Multiple"

Method 6: Condense the Character Spacing

Another powerful way to shrink your page is to utilize Character spacing in Word. As we can see, the default value is 1 point, which is way too much that it may diminish the readability of your text. However, if you simply condense your texts by 0.1 or 0.2 point, you are very likely to witness an enormous difference.

  1. Right click on your page, and select Fonts.Select "Fonts"
  2. In the subsequent dialog box, switch to Advanced.Switch to "Advanced"
  3. Under the Advanced tab, select Condensed in the Spacing drop-down list, here we choose 0.2 point as an example, then click OK.Select "Condensed"

 Method 7: Merge Sub Headings with Paragraph Texts

You could also make some adjustment with your sub headings, say, combining your sub headings and the adjacent paragraph into one. And that might help.

  1. Below are some paragraph texts with separate sub headings.Texts with Separate Sub Headings
  2. We can see some spaces are saved as compared with the above one, and it works even better if you have multiple sub headings.Merge Sub Headings with Paragraph

Method 8: Divide Pages into Several Columns

In a lot of situations, such as working on your paper, or preparing a contract, it might be a wise option to divide your pages into two or more columns. We are likely to see considerable difference on our papers.

  1. Select Page Layout and then, click Columns button, usually we divide our texts into two columns. Divide Texts into Two Columns
  2. Also, we can choose More Columns to customize our column width and spacing.Customize Our Column Width

Method 9: Make Use of “Hyphenation” Functionality

Many of us may ignore the possibilities of using an end-of-line hyphenation, which may well make a difference to your papers. By splitting the end-of-line words into smaller units in just the right place, it helps reducing the space of your paper, and will often save a line or more.

  1. Select Page Layout tab, and click Hyphenation.Click "Hyphenation"
  2. Choose Automatic under Hyphenation.Choose "Automatic"

How to Rescue a Corrupted Word File

As we know, there are a myriad of corruption problems that plague word file users from time and time. Occasionally, I am faced with data loss problems too. However, we may recover word data without external help, as word comes with in-built data recovery functionality. But still, some handy word repair tools can be of immense help in coping with word corruption.

Author Introduction

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