9 Important Tips to Get the Most Out of Cloud Backup Service

More and more users start to prefer using cloud backup service for data backup. So, in order to help users make best use of cloud backup services, this article will share 9 significant and useful tricks in this respect.

The most effective approach to avoiding data loss is to back up data. For instance, when you are subject to Outlook corruption, if you’ve backed up the Outlook file before, you can easily restore Outlook data from the backup. Therefore, more and more users have realized the importance of backup and start choosing a backup solution. With cloud technology constantly developing nowadays, myriad users prefers cloud backup service. So, here we will introduce you 9 tips to make best use of it.

9 Important Tips to Get the Most Out of Cloud Backup Service

1. Pick Provider Carefully

First of all, if you are determined to apply cloud backup service, the first step is to select service provider. There are a lot of choices in today’s market. Thus, you will be confused with which one is better and appropriate to you. Actually, in the first place, you should concern the service reliability and your data security and then service features. In a nutshell, don’t trust in unknown service provider readily.

2. Design Backup Plan

Besides, before investing in cloud backup, you are better off design a plan. From the perspective of businesses, it is vital to regulate the administrators, how often to run backup, what to backup and so on. With a well-designed and accurate plan, the backup process will be much more effective.

3. Automate Backup

In addition, nowadays, automatic backup is almost the most usual and important feature for cloud backup service. It is capable of saving users from the troubles of forgetting backup. Thus, you should enable “automatic backup” when configuring the cloud service.

4. Utilize Strong Password

Moreover, as we all know, to access the cloud service, you have to first log in the cloud account with password. Hence, password is the first door protecting your data. Due to this fact, it is highly recommended to use a strong password.

5. Back up All Devices

Furthermore, you may scatter your data in many devices, like Desktop computers, laptops, iPads, smartphones, and external hard drives and so on. Thus, you ought to check each of the devices where your data may be stored and back up each of them. Don’t lose anyone!

6. Prioritize Vital & Newer Data

Every cloud backup may take certain time on basis of the amount of data to be backed up and the speed of network connection. So, it is suggested to prioritize your data, namely sorting the data to be backed up. In this step, you’d better give priority to the important and newer data.

7. Don’t Share Data Casually

Data security is a key factor which cloud backup users are concerned about. You should make efforts to increase your data security. It is known that cloud service has a good feature in data sharing. Although it is indeed convenient, you should not casually share your data with others, which can pose risks to your data.

8. Don’t Rely on It Only

What’s more, in terms of data backup, we always recommend 3-2-1 backup rule. It indicates that you should keep at least 3 copies of your data. Therefore, though you’ve backed up data to cloud, you should take the other backup solutions at the same time, like backing up to external drive, etc.

9. Test Backup Restoration

Many users have experienced that data could not be restored from cloud at times, which is actually a kind of backup failure. In order to eradicate such an issue, you should always test restoration every time after backup.

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