8 Solutions When iCloud Fails to Back up Your iPhone Data

One of the most effective ways to prevent iPhone data loss is to back up your iPhone regularly. Some users prefer to use iCloud. But, at times, iCloud may fail as well. In this case, you can make use of the 8 solutions introduced in this article.

Similar to backing up your computer data to prevent data loss or corruption, like PST corruption, you can back up your iPhone to safeguard your iPhone data. And as we all know, there are two built-in backup methods in your Outlook. One is via iTunes and the other one is through iCloud. Due to the fact that iTunes backup demands users to connect iPhone to Mac but iCloud backup can be accomplished just in iPhone, many users prefer to using iCloud. However, iCloud can fail to back up iPhone data at times. In this situation, you can refer to the following 8 useful solutions.

8 Solutions When iCloud Fails to Back up Your iPhone Data

1. Reset Network Settings

At times, defective network settings can be the criminal. As you all know, iCloud works replying on network. Therefore, if something wrong occurs to your iPhone network connections, of course, iCloud backups will fail. So, you can firstly reset your network settings. Go to “Settings” > “General” menu. And then tap on “Reset” and choose “Reset Network Settings” option.

2. Log out of iCloud and Log in Later

Provided that the network functions well, you should consider other factors, such as faulty iCloud account. Hence, you can log out of your iCloud account. After a while, log in the account again. Subsequently, you can try to back up your iPhone via iCloud once again,

3. Upgrade iOS to Latest Version if Available

If issues persist after the above 2 steps, you should take the iOS version into your consideration. If your iOS version is out of date, iCloud backups can take place as well. Thus, you should check your iOS version and update iOS if available as soon as possible.

4. Reboot the iPhone

To be honest, most of time, a simple reboot can help you get rid of this problem. So, supposing all the measures mentioned above cannot solve this trouble, why not try a reboot? Just hold the Home and Wake buttons together until the device reboots and the Apple Logo appears. After that, try iCloud backups again.

5. Buy More iCloud Storage

Besides, there is also a likelihood that the free iCloud storage on your iPhone has run out. Therefore, you should check out your iCloud remaining storage. If there is little storage left on your iCloud, you can consider buying more storage space or deleting the large and useless files.

6. Delete Old Backups

Plus, chances are that the old backups conflict with the new backup. Hence, you suffer iCloud backup failures. In this scenario, you can delete the old backups. Go to “Settings” > “iCloud”. Then, from the “Storage” menu, you can find and tap on “Manage Storage”.

7. Contact Apple Official Support

Furthermore, sometimes, it’s likely that there is something wrong with the Apple iCloud service. Therefore, assuming all the solutions above cannot fix this issue, you can suspect if iCloud service malfunctions. Under this circumstance, simply contact Apple official support.

8. Backup with Alternative Tools

Now that iCloud cannot back up your iPhone data as normal, why don’t you recur to another tool? For instance, use iTunes to back up your iPhone data. Or, if you prefer cloud service, there are many such services available nowadays.

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