8 Solutions for “BOOTMGR Is Missing” Error When Starting Computer

Today, we will talk about an error which occurs during booting the computer. The error mentions that “BOOTMGR Is Missing”. We will discuss the causes and offer 8 top solutions.

BOOTMGR is the short form of Boot Manager. And the error that mentions “BOOTMGR Is Missing Press Ctrl + Alt + A to restart” always happens trying to start the computer. As computers contain so many vital things, if you don’t want corrupt data like damaged Outlook, then you should try your best to fix the error and get back the data as soon as possible. Thus we will discuss this question and provide 8 effective solutions for you.

Computer boot error

1 Restart the computer

In the most time, when people meet up with any problems, they will restart the computer to see if the error is still there. And if they are small problems, then the Windows system could repair it automatically. So you can restart the computer to have a try.

2 Reset internal cables

If the connection between computer and internal drives has problems, then you will get such error absolutely. Thus you can reset all the cables of the internal disks. And then restart the computer to see if the error is still there or not.

3 Check the boot order in BIOS

Sometimes we have several storage devices in the computer. But some of these devices are not ideal for being a bootable drive. Thus if you set a wrong order in the BIOS, then the computer will find the wrong boot device and show you above error messages. So you have to check the boot order in the BIOS.

4 Update BIOS

If you haven’t updated the BIOS for a long time, then you should take outdated BIOS version into account. Now, let’s go ahead to upgrade the BIOS.

5 Perform Windows Startup Repair

If you have backed up all the data in the computer, then you can try a Windows Startup Repair to resolve the issue. Here we will take Windows 7 as an example. Firstly, press F8 to go to startup option. Next, in the new popup window, you can see the “Startup Repair” options. Then click the “Startup Repair” option and follow its tips to start a recovery process.

6 Check Master Boot Record

In same situations, if the Master Boot Record (MBR) gets corrupt by system errors, virus attack or improper operation, then you will receive this error as well. Under this circumstance, you’d better resort to third party tools to fix the MBR and reboot the computer to attempt a recovery.

7 Use inbuilt tool

In this time, you should check if the bootable disk is corrupt or not. You can move it to another computer and make use of the inbuilt tool called “chkdsk” to scan the disk. If there are any problems, the tool will try to fix it automatically.

8 Replace the hard drive

If the internal tool cannot make any sense, then you have no choice but to call in an expert to repair the disk and even choose to replace the drives to solve the problem.

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