8 Effective Ways to Secure Your Smartphone Data

You must have a lot of data on your smartphone, such as your contacts, messages and so on. All of them can get lost, damaged or stolen. This article will teach you 8 useful tips to better protect them.

In the current era, smartphone is almost a vital necessity. With it, our lives have been much more convenient and colorful. It also means that our data isn’t limited to being stored in the traditional computer anymore. We have created and stored our data on the smartphone, ranging from common data – call records, contacts and messages to sensitive data – social media accounts and bank accounts, etc. So it’s extremely significant to pay attention to our smartphone data. If you are still confused about this issue, read on to get the following 8 effective tips, which can help you keep your smartphone data well-protected.

Smartphone Data

1. Back Up Your Smartphone Data

First of all, in order to prevent undesired smartphone data loss, you should back up your data, like backing up your computer data. For instance, so as to avoid PST data loss, you will back up your PST files, which will help a lot to future Outlook PST data recovery. The same holds true for smartphone data. You ought to make a copy of your smartphone data to another data storage media – a drive or cloud.

2. Always Lock Your Smartphone

It’ll be quite annoying if your smartphone is stolen and there are many sensitive data on it. If your smartphone is unlocked, the thieves will be able to access your data with ease. At worse, provided your smartphone contains some information like bank account password, you may suffer serious financial loss. Therefore, you have to lock your phone, which will request a PIN when the phone turns on.

3. Keep Your Smartphone Operating System Updated

One of the reasons why the smartphone manufacturer will constantly update the phone operating system is that the old system has some vulnerability, which will be used as loopholes by malicious hackers. They can make use of the issues in old system to access and destroy your smartphone data. So update your smartphone as soon as you get prompted.

4. Equip Your Smartphone with an Antivirus Program

Like computer data, smartphone data can get corrupted due to virus infection or malware attacks. Hence, it is highly advisable to install an antivirus program on your phone. Plus, you should run it to scan your files and other data on a regular basis. Of course, most of such software can be set to work automatically. You can configure it to auto check and scan your smartphone on schedule.

5. Only Install Reliable Software

In addition, you should keep cautious when downloading and installing software. There is much malicious software, which may contain viruses and other malware. If you install them on your smartphone accidentally, they will intrude your phone and contract your data. Thereby, you should only install the trustworthy software from recognized sources.

6. Beware of Public Wi-Fi

One of the biggest advantages of today’s smartphone over the traditional phone before is that a smartphone can connect to Wi-Fi, which allows us to surf internet at will. Also, nowadays, you can search various Wi-Fi hotspots almost wherever. And some of them are even public Wi-Fi, not requesting password. Although this is handy and free, you should beware of it. You should never access your sensitive data via the public Wi-Fi. Otherwise, your data will be stolen or ruined without letting you know.

7. Turn off GPS & Bluetooth If NOT in Use

Furthermore, currently, smartphone has the “GPS” and Bluetooth feature, which provide us with convenience. But they can leak our private data as well, including your smartphone brand, sharing files and physical location, etc. Thus it is always recommended to disable them as soon as you stop using them. Don’t leave any opportunities to the malicious attackers.

8. Prepare a Remote Data Wipe Application

Last but not least, there is a kind of application which permits users to wipe their smartphone data remotely. For example, if your data gets stolen or lost, in order to block your data from being accessed by others unknown, you can turn on your computer and access the remote wipe settings of the application by web browser to erase your smartphone data right now.

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