8 Effective Solutions to “Reboot and Select proper boot device” Prompt

Today we will talk about a prompt that shows up during computer booting process. The prompt mentions “Reboot and Select proper boot device”. You can refer to this article for solutions.

Various situations might occur when people try to boot the computer. So today we will discuss about one typical prompt that shows up during the booting process. The prompt says that “Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key”.

 Computer Prompt

1 Check cables

When you receive such prompt, the first thing that you should do is to check cables. If the cables are too loose to work as normal, then you are prone to come across this issue absolutely. So you can unplug and insert all the cables to make sure that they are connected well.

2 Check boot order

In some cases, people might change their disk boot order without realizing or by mistake. And without a right boot order, the computer won’t find the right disk at once and boot itself successfully. Thus you should check the boot order in the BIOS settings.

3 Check hard disk drive

Many might haven’t updated the hard disk drive for a long time. But outdated hard disk drive will get you into trouble as well. Thus if you meet up with this issue, you should also take old hard disk drive version into account and go ahead to upgrade it right away.

4 Startup repair

If above means are helpless, you can attempt a startup repair. And here we take Windows 7 as an example. First of all, press F8 to go to startup option. Then, in the new interface, you can find the “Startup Repair” option. Next click the “Startup Repair” option and follow the tips to finish the repair process.

5 Replace CMOS battery

CMOS battery is an important part of the motherboard. And it stores small issues like this in its memory. If you encounter this prompt frequently, then you ought to consider replacing it to fix the issue.

6 Hard drive failures

If the above methods don’t work, then you might take hard drive failure into account. You can check it by using an inbuilt program named “chkdsk”. And you can find it by search “chkdsk” in the start menu. Next, follow its tips to scan and repair the hard disk.

7 Reinstall Windows

Sometimes, reinstalling windows can fix common issues. But the process might format vital data in the partition C. Thus you should back up all the essential data that you want to protect.

8 Call in experts

When all above means are helpless, you should find a reputed expert and get the issue fixed, like calling a professional to recover Outlook, you should be careful and select a reliable one.

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