7 Useful Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC92

At times while trying to send out an email or receive emails in Outlook you may receive an error message with the error code 0x800CCC92. In this article, we look at the key causes behind this irksome error and look at 7 useful ways to fix the issue.

7 Useful Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x800CCC92

The MS Outlook application continues to hold its position as the pre-eminent desktop-based email client in the world. Over the years it has built up a legendary following and most business users tend to rely on this marquee platform even today. However, the Outlook application also has its fair share of drawbacks, and users often complain about the occasional irksome error messages it tends to throw off.

Outlook Error 0x800CCC92 – What Does it Signify

Outlook users may at times receive an error message with the code 0x800CCC92 when they are trying to send or receive emails. It is accompanied by an error message that mentions that your email server has rejected your attempt to log in. The message also asks the user to verify his username and password.

As opposed to many other error messages in Outlook which are confusing to figure out, this error message is fairly straightforward. It essentially says your login credentials may be wrong and you need to verify them. However, as with all things in the computing world, there may be several causes behind this error message suddenly appearing before your screen. These can range from conflicts related to multiple device access to issues related to your underlying PST data file. We have listed below 7 useful ways to help you fix this issue.

#1.  Check your Username and Password

When you encounter the Outlook Error x800CCC92, the very first thing you need to do is check the email credentials you have entered in the Outlook application. At times while configuring your email account you may have just entered your username while omitting out the domain name. For example, if your email id is “tomsmith***@gmail.com” and if you have just entered your email id as “tomsmith***”, this error can prop up.  Also, it is important that you have entered the correct credentials for both incoming and outgoing mail server settings.

#2. Verify the Server settings in the Outlook Email Account

Depending on the email server you are trying to access, you should enter the correct server settings associated with it. You need to verify the server settings entered in your email account with the details provided by the email service provider, say Gmail or Yahoo etc.

For example if you are using Gmail, your POP3 settings would be as shown in the image below.

GMail Server Settings

For Yahoo Mail, the corresponding settings would be different as shown in the image below.

Yahoo Mail Server Settings

#3. Check the PST Data File and its Size

At times, an error-prone PST data file or one which has exceeded the specified file size (especially if you are using an older version of Outlook) can cause this error to creep up.

If you are using an older version of Outlook, especially iterations like Outlook 2002 edition or before, you need to check if you have reached the 2GB data limit. If that has happened, the Outlook application can behave erratically and throw up all kinds of error messages. To resolve the issue get hold of the powerful DataNumen Outlook Repair application and split the PST file into smaller manageable parts.

Also in case you suspect the underlying PST file has become corrupted, you run the DataNumen Outlook Repair application to resolve the issue.

#4. Consider the Removal of Email Account from Other Devices

Occasionally access conflicts can cause Outlook Error x800CCC92 to show up. If you have configured your email account on your smartphone or tablet, consider removing them and check whether the issue gets resolved.

#5. Build a New Outlook Profile

If your existing Outlook profile has got corrupted it can cause the Outlook Error x800CCC92 to show up. To eliminate this issue consider creating a new Outlook profile. Once you have created a new profile, add your email account under it and try sending emails in a normal fashion.

#6. Turn on the Option for Allowing Less Secure Apps in Gmail

If you are using the Outlook application to access emails from Gmail, you need to consider enabling the “Allow less secure apps” option in Gmail. To do so, log in to Gmail and head to the Gear(Settings) Icon present on the top right section of the screen. Next click Show all options and in the subsequent screen, click on the Accounts and Import tab. Under the Change Account settings group, click on Other Google Account Settings option. In the screen that shows up, click on Security and head to the Less Secure App Access section.

Allow Less Secure Apps in Gmail

In the next screen, drag the slider to turn on the access for less secure apps.

#7. Restore the System to Previous Backup Point

In case, all the steps listed above fail to fix the issues, you should consider restoring your system to any previous backup point in Windows when Outlook was working in perfect order.  Launch the System Restore feature in Windows and select a previous restore point and then initiate the restore process.

Windows System Restore

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