7 Solutions to “Please insert a disk into Removable Drive” Error when Accessing USB Flash Drive

The error “Please insert a disk into Removable Drive” usually occurs when you try to access the USB flash drive on your PC. It will block you from accessing your drive data. This article will look at this error and offer you 7 according solutions.

In Windows-based computers, you may be likely to encounter the error message mentioning “Please insert a disk into Removable Drive” when you try to access a USB flash drive that is inserted into the PC. Confronted with such an error, there is no doubt that you will surely fail to access the internal data. Perhaps you’ll try best to perform data recovery, like PST recovery, etc. But, in prior to this, you still should try to get rid of the error message. The following are 7 solutions.

7 Solutions to "Please insert a disk into Removable Drive" Error when Accessing USB Flash Drive

1. Test the USB port

There are chances that the USB port is to blame. Therefore, in the first place, you can test the USB port. Just remove the USB drive and restart you PC. Then insert the drive to PC again and see if error is gone. If it persists, you can test the USB drive in the other ports.

2. Check if you have the ownership

In addition, it is possible that you have no ownership of this USB drive. Thus, you should check this.

  • Firstly, right click on the USB flash drive and choose “Properties”.
  • Then turn to “Security” tab and click “Advanced” button.
  • Next in the new popup dialog box, shift to “Owner” tab.
  • Now you can change the owner based on your needs.

3. Change the drive letter

Moreover, it is very likely that the drive letter for the USB flash drive is conflicted with an existing drive letter. Under this circumstance, you have to alter the drive letter. You should firstly access “Disk Management” on your PC. Then right click on the source USB drive and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths”. Next change the letter to an uncommon one.

4. Format the drive

In addition, file system errors on the USB flash drive can be the culprits. Focused on this cause, formatting disk is a useful solution. However, you should make sure that you have an effective data backup. Otherwise, after formatting the disk, its data will be lost. At that time, you have to do data recovery.

5. Recur to reliable repair software

Since data is all around nowadays, data storage device repair industry have been more and more advanced. Hence, you can simply take recourse to a reliable fix tool. There are many that are exclusive for repairing the “Please insert a disk into Removable Drive” error.

6. Contact Manufacturer

The best scenario is that your USB flash drive is still in warranty period. In this situation, you can directly resort to the drive manufacturer. They have to repair the USB flash drive or straightly give you a fresh new one.

7. Seek help from the repair service

Nevertheless, if the USB drive has exceeds the warranty period and if a DIY repair utility cannot make any differences, you still can seek help from the expert repair service. Of course, the prerequisite is that you can afford it.

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