7 Solutions for “Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives” Error

If you get error message mentioning “Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives” in chkdsk, you can refer to this article for 7 effective solutions.

People are prone to use built-in tool named “chkdsk” to scan and repair hard drives. However, what is well-known is that this small inner software always fails in complex problems and even can make much more severe situations. Today we will discuss a case that the basic tool prompt you “Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives”. And we hope our 7 powerful approaches can help you.

RAW drives Error

1 Connection issues

Firstly, you can check all the connections between computers and hard disks. If any factors make the cables become too loose to work as normal, then you will get this issue as well.

2 Exceeded lifespan

Every disk has a lifespan. If the drive that you want to repair has worked for many years, then you should consider whether it reaches its service lifetime. In this time, you have no choice but to replace the disks.

3 Improper operation

Have you kept a good using habit all the time? For instance, do you plug out the disks by utilizing the “Safely Remove Hardware” option instead of pulling it out at once? If you always remove the disks in a wrong way, you will receive this kind of error as well. So you can insert the hard drives and try again.

4 Power failures

Power failures including power outage and power surge can lead to this problem too. If you don’t equip the computer with Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), then you should pay more attention to the power supply. In this case, you can check the power in the first place. If it is normal, then you should turn to other methods.

5 Viruses

This factor is well-known by every computer users. Since viruses can infect computers in plenty of ways with multiple forms, we should always keep a close eye on it. If you haven’t installed reputed anti-virus software or haven’t updated the tool for a long time, then you’d better go ahead to take action right now.

6 Format the disk

If above means cannot make any sense, then you have no choice but to format the disk to have a try. And before the format, you have to make sure that all the precious data in this hard drives have been backed up already. Otherwise, you might lose your data and need to find other tools to restore the files like Outlook recovery.

7 Resort to expert

When foresaid methods are helpless, then you’d better resort to an expert to solve the problem. Please note that do not call in an amateur to fix the hard drives, since the repair work requires a pretty strict environment.

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