7 Reasons which Make “Tell Me” Feature in MS Access 2016 Popular

In this article, we highlight 7 key reasons that make Tell Me exceptionally popular with Access Users.

In 2016, the latest iteration of MS Access was rolled out with an array of new features and improvements. Prominent amongst them was the Tell Me Box which appeared at the top of the interface and inquired the user about what he or she was looking to do. For example, if you are looking to insert images, just need type in the same and you would be directed to the specific command section on the interface. The tool has become a rank favourite with many Access users and we have listed 7 reasons why it is riding the popularity charts.

7 Reasons Make "Tell Me" Feature in Access Popular

1.      Its Saves time by getting appropriate answers

The Tell Me box is designed to help save which you would unnecessarily waste in figuring out answers. While it may not give accurate answers in every case, our experience with it is quite good. It is able to give relevant answers related to normal access tasks and is quite intuitive.

2.      It is Easy to Locate and Use

The Tell Me Box is available by default on the top bar. It can be accessed with ease and one just needs to enter what he is looking for to get an answer.

3.      It offers intelligent suggestions

The feature is capable of providing intelligent suggests. For example, if you enter a wish “make font color red”. Now in case you have not selected any text for the same, it will turn on the specified color and any text you type at cursor would be red. Similarly, if you are keying in a command or formula the feature will list down a bunch of suggestions for you to choose from.

4.      It attempts to understand natural language in some cases

The tool uses a mechanism to understand natural language commands. So words like “Make” and “Set” are interpreted in similar fashion

5.      It works with Voice Commands in Windows 10

If you are using the Windows 10 OS, you can use voice commands to work with the Tell Me feature.

6.       Can connect you directly to Smart Lookup and Help

In case you are looking for more information instead of a command, the feature can connect you with Smart Lookup feature, thereby allowing you to discover your answer.

7.      The feature is available across most office programs like Word, Excel, and Visio etc.

A great part of this feature is that it is not limited to Access only but is available with other MS Office programs. Thus if you become adept at using it in Access, you are likely to find beneficial while working with other MS Office programs.

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