7 Quick Ways to Select Your Excel Cells (Part I)

Excel is widely spread all over the world due to its magnificent features. And you can certainly input a lot of information into Excel files. Hence, in this article, we will introduce 3 methods among the 7 ways to select cells in Excel worksheet.

One spreadsheet in Excel contains 1048576 rows and 16384(XFD) columns. Besides, in an Excel file, you can also insert many worksheets. Therefore, you can input as much data and information into an Excel file as you can. But on the other hand, you will need to select certain cells to edit them. What if they spread in different positions? And if there are many cells waiting to edit, how can you easily edit them? Thus, now we have the following ways to select cells in Excel worksheets.

Method 1: The Simplest Way – Mouse

Click the mouse is the simplest way to select cells in Excel. You only need to click the target cell and the cursor will position on the cell. In addition, you can also use the mouse to select an area in the worksheet. Besides, if you want to select the whole worksheet, you can click this small arrow on the top left area in the interface.Click to Select the Whole Worksheet

And if you want to select other areas, you may refer to the following parts.

Combine Keys with Mouse

Shortcut key are a magical presence because it can greatly improve the work efficiency. And here are the ways of using shortcut keys to select cells.

Method 2: Press “Ctrl” and Use Mouse to Select Discontinuous Cells

In an Excel worksheet, sometimes you will need to select discontinuous cells. Thus, you can use this combination. Hold the key “Ctrl” and use your mouse to select the target cells. Thus, the discontinuous cells can be selected.Select Discontinuous Cells

Method 3: Press “Shift” and Use Mouse to Select an Area

If you need to select an area, instead of using the mouse, you can also combine the “Shift” key with the mouse. Click the first cell or the last cell of the area. And then hold the key “Shift” and click the last or first cell of the area. If you select the first cell in the area, now you click the last cell, otherwise click the first cell. And then you will select the whole area. This is very suitable of you need to select a large area because you don’t need to use your mouse to drag the big area.

The above are part of the methods to select certain areas in a worksheet. And in our next article, we will go on to introduce the other 4 ways.

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