7 Handy Ways to Restore Deleted Items in Outlook – Part II

This part will introduce other 4 approaches to recover deleted items in Outlook. If you haven’t succeeded via the methods in Part I, you can attempt the followings.

Unlike the basic methods mentioned in Part I, Part II will look at 4 more in-depth approaches. You can have a try.

4. Make Full Use of the Copy of Message on the Server

When configure Internet mail account, you can select to leave a copy of message on the server. But if you aren’t sure about your selection before, follow the steps.

  1. Firstly, go to “File” menu and click “Account Settings” button.
  2. In the subsequent window, select the target email account and click “Change” button.Account Settings
  3. Then another window will arise, in which click “More Settings” button.
  4. Next, in the new dialog box of “Internet Email Settings”, switch to “Advanced” tab.
  5. Finally under “Advanced” tab, from “Delivery” label, you can verify the settings of “Leave a copy of message on the server”. Meanwhile you can set specified days, after which the server will remove the copies.Leave a copy of message on the server

Therefore, if you’ve enabled this function and you delete the messages within the set days, you can still get them back from server.

5. Undelete Email in Windows Live Hotmail

If you are using Windows Live Hotmail, like Outlook.com, it permits you recover the deleted messages that have been even purged from “Deleted Items” folder.

  1. At first, head to your mailbox.
  2. Then right click the “Deleted Items” folder.Recover Deleted Items in Windows Live Hotmail
  3. Next select “recover deleted message” option in the context menu. In the subsequent window, you will see all the messages deleted in recent days.
  4. If your desired email is over there, check it and click the “recover” button above, reverting it to original folders.

All above 5 methods are only applied to Internet Email Account. If you need to recover deleted items in Exchange server, you should take the measures below.

6. Recover Deleted Items on Exchange Server

Once “DumpsterAlwaysOn” registry key is activated, Microsoft Exchange server users can recover deleted exchange files with ease. At first, you should make clear where the “DumpsterAlwaysOn” function comes in. After locating it, you can proceed to the next steps. In addition, as for the specific operations, you can refer to another article in our blog – “A Quick guide to recovering inadvertently deleted items in Exchange server”.

7. Resort to Third Party Software to Recover OST files

Apart from activating “DumpsterAlwaysOn” registry key, you can use specialized third party software to rescue deleted exchange files like DataNumen Exchange Recovery. It is able to recover OST files deleted accidentally in a quick time. No matter in recovering deleted items in Exchange mail or repairing corrupted OST files, it has shouldered over its peers.

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