6 Top Reasons for “Access is Denied” Error

If you receive error message saying “Access is Denied” when trying to copy files, you can refer to this article which will discuss 6 top factors in this case. Then find out the real reasons and solve the problem easily.

Error message is annoying, especially for normal computer users, but it occurs from time to time for multiple reasons. If you want to access some data like copying files, but encountering an error massage saying “Access is Denied”, you can take a look in following top 6 reasons to find out the solutions.

“Access is Denied”Error

1.Encrypted or password-protected files/drives

Many might have a habit of encrypting or setting password to important files. Thus without the password, you cannot access any data in these files or drives. For example, if you forget the password for your Outlook, then you won’t be able to access all the items like emails, contacts in your PST file. In this case, you have to call in pst repair tools to unlock your Outlook.

2.Files can be accessed by the administrator only

If your computer has many accounts and different account has different access right. Then you probably come across the error when the file you wanted can be accessed by administrator users only. You have to log in as an administrator to get the data.

3.Removable drives have been set as inaccessible

When you want to copy data in external device like USB flash drives, you will receive such errors when the computer has been set not to read or write any removable drives. Therefore, you should reset the computer settings to allow you to copy the data.

4.Read-only files

This is a common error that you may meet up with. If the file you want to copy is in read-only status, then you will certainly not be able to access it successfully. Here are 2 basic cases.

  • The primary file is in read-only status.
  • The destination file is set as read-only owing to the read-only original files.

If you want to solve the problem, you have to delete previous copied files or reset the read-only status for both copied files and primary file.

5.File in use

Similarly, if the file you want to access is in use by other software, then you will definitely fail to open/copy the destination file again. Thus you should check whether other applications are using the file but you don’t know. If so, you should close the program and access the data again.

6.Virus infection

There is a situation that you can receive such errors as well—virus infection. Virus attack might run many malicious programs secretly. And they will have a bad impact on your computer in many aspects including this one. Accordingly, you can install an anti-virus application to see if there are any virus in your computer.

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